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Automated charts creation with machine learning

Automatically extract the most interesting charts from raw survey data, get them meaningfully commented, save them to PowerPoint. Our algorithms blend analysis heuristics with powerful AI to ship your analysis blazing fast.

CSV, XLSX and SAV files are accepted.

Too much time is lost on data analysis in organizations

Expectations have grown on managers with the internalization of much analytics work. But not everyone is a data scientist, and even data scientists can't do more than a 24/7 schedule... Until Chartomat there was no easy solution to quickly produce meaningful analysis automatically from raw data.


Save time, efforts and money

Leave it to our cutting-edge algorithms to select the most meaningful charts for you while you sip a coffee. Select only the charts that you want in your deck and automatically add comments to these slides using a powerful AI model. Save them to PowerPoint, it's that easy. This process can cut up to 90% of the time dedicated to data analysis.


Delegate DIY survey analysis to AI, focus on insights

You can think of Chartomat as an analyst who works for you, except that it's cheap, fast, reliable and available day and night. Delegate the tedious work without second-thought. Now you can focus on the big picture: the insights that make sense to you , and how to drive action to reach these goals.


CSV, XLSX and SAV files are accepted.